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Let’s get to know CatOpia’s cats!


Catoname: Bob

Race: Longhair Silverpoint

Gender: Little man

Meow intro: I love being petted on head. If I like you, I will come to you. Please give me snacks and you can hug me (maybe).


Catoname: Dogball

Race: Ragdoll

Gender: Little boy

Meow intro: I have curiosity about everything, but I’m thoughtful, I never scramble for foods with those little fools. Pet me please. If you lift me up, I might scratch you in face.


Catoname: Starlight

Race: Siberia Forest

Gender: Little boy

Meow intro: Feeeed meee! I want to eat everything!! Then you can pet me in all ways you like.


Catoname: Matroskin

Race: Siberia Forest

Gender: Big man

Meow intro: I look like a blue prince but actually I like to stay with people. Please share some of your love with me.


Catoname: Wolf

Race: Maine

Gender: Big boy

Meow intro: I am cool. Show me your loyalty and pet me with respect.


Catoname: Golden Gold

Race: British Longhair NY11

Gender: Little man

Meow intro: I don’t know what I am thinking all day long. I like to eat, love to be petted. But if you touch lower half of my back, I may bite you.


Catoname: Gold Sister

Race: British Longhair NY11

Gender: Little lady

Meow intro: I am very shy but I love human in my heart. Please come to me slowly and I will enjoyed being petted.


Catoname: Uni

Race: British Shorthair

Gender: Naughty boy

Meow intro: I am wild. I am a cat cat. Do you know why they don’t have drinking fountains here? Because I destroyed them all haha.


Catoname: Little Grey

Race: Munchikin

Gender: Little Girl

Meow intro: I am cute, please come to me slowly or your little princess will run away.